Publishing press releases

Getting published in HUF Magazine is a great way to build influence, authority, and awareness for your brand. It's also a fantastic space to promote celebrities, influencers, singers, and alike. However, at HUF Magazine, we received hundreds of PR releases email pitches each week. Unfortunately, not all of them get publish or get accepted.
Publishing press releases required time and effort. Especially if it's for our print magazine as creating the layout takes up much time to make the pages look presentable. To guaranteed us to publish your press release and worth our time and effort, we have created simple, flexible, and cost-effective options below.

Pricing Table

Number of times

1 time
6 times
12 times
24 times


€264 (SAVE 10%)
€499 (SAVE 15%)
€940 (SAVE 20%)


€510 (SAVE 10%)
€960 (SAVE 15%)
€1824 (SAVE 20%)


€594 (SAVE 10%)
€1122 (SAVE 15%)
€2112 (SAVE 20%)


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