Photographer/ Stylist/ Academy Manager
Based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Website :
Instagram: @johnny_georgiou_photography

Who inspires you the most in photography?
There are a few photographers whose work I absolutely love, two of them being home grown. Australian Paul Freeman has an amazing aesthetic; his work is raw and masculine which I love. Wong Sim has an amazing eye for male photography and the way he lights his models is perfection. The last is Jez Smith, he is a fellow Aussie and I was lucky enough years ago to work with him on a shoot. He is the best example of a successful commercial photographer that has balanced the commercial aspect of the job without sacrificing the high end creative aspect, plus he’s also a great guy.

Why do you take photos?
I take photos to portray the creative jungle of my mind. As photographers, largely we can be very introverted, photos for me are a way of getting my inner most thoughts and emotions out; allowing the viewer to see and connect with them whilst also keeping them at a distance. I’m more adept at having my work critiqued than my personal self which makes photography the perfect medium. It’s visual, its connective but also out there. In a way it helps me look at aspects of myself that I wouldn’t normally look at so closely. It’s also the easiest way of making the fantasy a tangible reality, not just for myself

What does it mean to be a great photographer?
Depends what kind of photographer you are really. Executing a brief, satisfying a customer, being commercially successful, enjoying what you do, I guess these things could make a great photographer. I can execute a brief, satisfy a customer, I have repeat business and love what I do but I don’t consider myself a great photographer. I’m inspired by quite a few photographers that produce amazing work, but at the end of the day it’s your ability to remain humble, to push the boundaries, extend yourself with every shoot and inspire others that makes you a great photographer.

If you could photograph anyone, alive or dead, who would you photograph and why?
It would be the ultimate to shoot Jon Kortajarena, he is one of my favorite male models. I have seen him do everything from cheeky boyish to old school Hollywood movie star. He has an amazingly expressive face and a killer bod.

What's your motto for life?
Do it amazingly, before someone else does !!

What's on your mind right now?
The 40 edits I have to finish in three weeks for my upcoming book. Then figuring out how to whittle down 250 shots to 80 for publishing. You don’t want to be in my head right now!


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