HUF Magazine has readers from all over the world. We are here to provide an opportunity for those who want to show others what they’ve got; to be recognized as some of the best creative people in the world.
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Frequently asked questions

Do you have themes for your issues?

No, we don't have themes as we like to give maximum creative freedom to our contributors. We look for high level of creativity in terms of hair, makeup, styling and photography style.

Do you pay for commission work?

HUF Magazine does not pay for commission work. Currently all non-submitted photography is produced internally by the resident photographers.

Do you provide a pull letter for our stylist?

Yes we do provide pull letters upon request. However, in order to qualify for a pull letter from us, the stylist or the photographer MUST have at least one editorial published in our PRINT issue first. This is to ensure that we are confident in your work and you will deliver what is expected by everyone involved.

Do you provide free print copy?

We do not provide free print copy. HUF Magazine is a print subscription and print-on-demand magazine. We do send out PDF tears sheets for free.

Do you accept web-editorials?

Yes, we do accept web editorials. They must be exclusive to us.

Where can I purchase a copy of HUF Magazine?

HUF Magazine is an international magazine and we aim to be available to everyone worldwide. The easiest way to purchase a copy is via our website. With the option to purchase a digital copy or a print copy. (Print copy is available in standard magazine edition and hardcover edition.)

Do you accept submission via Google drive and One drive?

No, we don't accept submissions via Google drive and One drive. Imagine your client wanted to send you 20 images for a preview, and every image was an individual link that opened into 20 individual tabs. This takes up a lot of unnecessary time. The best way to submit is either via a single PDF file or in low res. jpg files attached to your submission e-mail. 


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