The Best Creative Fashion Editorials Vol. I

A 254 pages hardcover coffee table book featuring the best editorials of 2016 published in HUF Magazine


HUF Magazine is all about creativity and discovering new talents from around the world. This year, as those before, we have done exactly that. We have come across so many creatively talented photographers, stylists, makeup artists and other creatives. We have helped in developing and promoting their skills, we have watched many develop from talented amateurs into professional creatives. And with most of these creatives, we have built strong and lasting relationships - they’ve become part of the HUF Magazine family.

In 2016, the HUF Magazine team have reviewed tens-of-thousands of editorial submissions. Out of these submissions, we have published over a thousand of them on our website and in our print issues combined. To pick the best for this coffee table book was no easy task. We were not only looking for editorials with a particularly high level of style or skill, but also graced with a higher creativity as a whole.

This book celebrates and commends the best of HUF Magazine 2016, editorials where imagination and creativity know no boundary. Every page is an inspiration, every inspiration is a catalyst for future creativity.

We invite you to appreciate the very best of 2016.


A publication for and by the creatives. Celebrating creativity through content, support and recognition.
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